Section 1 Termite Work

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The Basics of Termite Damage Repair Explained. – Choosing a strategy to control termite damage may seem demanding to most homeowners. However, with a basic understanding of termite repair methods, a proper pest control technique can be chosen. Termites commonly attack all wooden structures, feeding intensively upon cellulose. Essentially, all.

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Section 1 Repairs – Property Doctor – Need Section 1 clearance before buying or selling a property? California requires Section 1 issues to be resolved prior to buying or selling a home. Section 1 is used to describe insect or fungal infections in the structure of the building. Property Doctor specializes in wood damage repair including termite damage repair.

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Termite Work, Wood Destroying Pest Agreements: Avoiding Fraud. – However, this work is the owner’s responsibility – in this case, of the lender who owns the property. Section 1 termite work impacts safety and habitability; not to mention that no agent who doesn’t hose his clients is going to agree to clients paying section 1 work before escrow is completed (in other words, before you even take title).

Is Termite Always Part of a Real Estate Sale? Facts, Changes. – Custom (in Ventura County) has been that sellers generally pay section-1 termite work and the buyers pay section-2 termite work. Since section-2 work is preventative, this work can be done after escrow closes. If the transaction is utilizing a VA loan, a full section 1 & 2 termite clearance is required by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

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1. Ask whether the seller has a termite report or warranty for previously undertaken work. Warranties and inspection reports are valid for two years, so check that the seller’s is still valid.

What To Expect On Closing Day What to expect on closing day? – YouTube – Closing day is where the title and deed are officially signed and ownership transfers. In order to finish your transaction you will need a real estate attorney and settlement company.

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