Own Your Own Condo

What Does It Mean To Have Equity Buying a new home and having ‘equity’ in it – Personal. – It doesn’t mean anything to you, its a sales pitch. You know how much equity your home has when you have an appraiser write an appraisal report for you/your bank, and even then it doesn’t mean much unless you want to cash out on that equity (with a home-equity.

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An Own-Your-Own is similar to condominium ownership, as both come with individual deeds and property tax bills. An OYO is different in that it is a pre-condominium type of ownership. How To Go From Renting To Owning A Condo – You are a step closer to.

When the own-your-owns were built in Long Beach in the 1920s mass transit was the norm and owning your own car a concept new to most. Later "own-your-own auto palaces" like Motor Home, Inc. on Atlantic between Ocean and First sprang up, so apartment dwellers who owned autos could park. The Loynes garage, which opened at Chestnut and Second in 1922, was also anxious to serve the growing influx of automobiles to the downtown area.

RENT YOUR OWN storage units are safe, secure and conveniently located. Firdrona Storage Condominiums has a fenced, gated perimeter with key-pad entry. fire resistance is provided by steel construction including studs, siding and roof as well as an automatic fire sprinkler system.

Never heard of an "own your own." A condominium provides fee simple estate ownership to the buyer. There is also usually a condo association or HOA fee, paid monthly, that is used to maintain common areas. The association, made up of the residents, usually also holds refusal power with regard to approving new buyers/residents of the condo.

Own Your Own Financing LBS Financial finances Own Your Own properties at a maximum loan-to-value of 75%. Loans are available for up to $300,000. Property must be owner-occupied and the primary residence. adjustable rate mortgages only. Affordable Adjustable Rate Mortgage – Another great mortgage option!

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