how to get your name off a car loan after divorce

You are responsible for joint accounts – from credit cards and car loans to home mortgages. Even when a divorce judge orders your ex-spouse to pay a certain bill, you’re still legally responsible for making sure it is paid because you promised – both as a couple and as individuals – to do so.

Or, call the lender and ask if something like this applies to your loan. Refinance or consolidate. Another option is to have the other borrower refinance the loan into their name. To qualify for a refinance, the borrower needs to have a good credit history and enough income to make the new loan’s monthly payments.

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In many divorces, car loans are on long-term payment plans and cannot be refinanced into just one party’s name very easily. If your spouse is retaining as his/her sole and separate property a vehicle with a debt owed against it, and your name is on the debt, you should have concerns about how to protect yourself if your spouse defaults on the loan.

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Don't Want To Be A Cosigner Anymore? Here's HOW! Cosigned Loans Can Be a Hassle in divorce. auto credit express; blog;. but it can have great benefits for you – the first and most important being; you will be able to get your ex’s name off your loan (or your name off their loan). The other big benefits you can take advantage of are.

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After you divorce, you might think that you own your car outright because the divorce decree states that you are the sole owner. However, your ex is still responsible for the debt if their name remains on the car loan. You can remove your ex from the loan using several different methods-refinance the loan, pay off the loan, ask for a substitute loan agreement, or sell the car.