Can I Put A Mobile Home On My Land

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Home Buying: Can I buy a land and live in a trailer? – Trulia. – Can i buy a land and live in a trailer?. I’ve seen a lot of folks get stung whence the appraiser only has HUD MANUFACTURED HOMES in a "MOBILE/MANUFACTURED HOME PARK/COMMUNITY" to use for comps. This happens often and can end up costing the homeowner his home and land as he doesn’t ave the.

How to Find a Place to Put Your Mobile Home | Home Guides. – Inspect the land to determine that a mobile home can be safely installed. The land must be sloped to facilitate water run off and clear of rocks or other debris that might prevent the home from.

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If I wanted to put a mobile home on land what do I need to do. – My parents own a couple of acres and I wanted to put a mobile home on the back of their land. I need water, electric, and septic, and what else and how would I get all this stuff.

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My parents allowed me to put my mobile home on their property. – My parents allowed me to put my mobile home on their property in 1996. The mortgage is in my ex-husband’s name but I – Answered by a verified Real Estate Lawyer. My parents allowed me to put my mobile home on their property in 1996.. he was awarded the mobile home and land. I recently.

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Steps to Putting a Manufactured Home on Your Property. – Once you have chosen a property, you can start looking at homes that will fit on your land. You can buy a new home, which will be delivered to your property by the manufacturer, or you can buy a used home and hire a company that moves mobile homes. Apply for a building permit.

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