can i get a home loan without a job

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A job is not required to get a mortgage loan although income to repay the loan is. Income includes retirement, disability and child support payments.

How to refinance your home when you don't have a job – AOL Finance – As someone who has been without a full-time job for more than a year, You can't get a home loan without a steady income, and without a job.

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How to get a mortgage with no job if I put down 50% – Quora – You don’t need a job to get a mortgage.You need an income.. If you have enough liquid assets, you can select an asset depletion loan. You convert liquid assets to income for underwriting purposes by dividing your liquid assets by 180 (15 years).

Refinancing A Mortgage Without A Job Is Almost Impossible: Three. – 4.25% is not the best rate, but beggars can't be choosers given the secondary.. Perhaps going through one's mortgage broker is a way to get a job at a bank!

Can I get a home loan without a job? – Loans – Finance – I would only want to do that though if I can get a mortgage with an offset facility so that the investment property is tax deductible. I spoke to my bank (CBA) about doing that but without an income, I can’t get a loan (even though I have the equivalent amount of money sitting in a bank account).

Can I get a loan without a job but with collateral? – Quora – In short, without any income, you stand a zero chance of getting a loan. Pl. note that a Bank is concerned with the purpose of loan and the nature of job is secondary as it ensures repayment of the loan promptly.

How to Get a Mortgage Without a Full-Time Job | – Attaining a mortgage without a full-time job can be challenging, but it is possible. The most important aspect when applying for a mortgage is showing that you will be able to make the monthly payments.

construction loan to build a house refinance 30 year mortgage rates Current 30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgages and Home Loans | Trulia – It pays to shop around for mortgage rates. Find a competitive rate for your home loan with free quotes for 30-year mortgage rates.

Can I Get a Mortgage with No Job? | MCP Help Blog – 10 Responses to "Can I Get a Mortgage with No Job?" jakejaden111. December 01, 2010 at 09:13 AM. Still without him on the mortgage application my income alone is not going to do it.will having a co-signer really make a difference?

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